Making your brand fun!

Air New Zealand is a 100% professional organisation and the business of aircraft safety is a very important and serious one.

Yet Air New Zealand understand that even serious, professional matters can be successfully communicated in a fun way! Air New Zealand realise that a powerful and engaging brand - one that people will want to do business with - is one that has a personality, one that shows a human side.

So instead of the normal yawn-inducing and overly formal safety briefing before flight take-off (that most passengers tune out from anyway), Air New Zealand created a funny Safety Video using a plane packed with Rugby Fans, real Air New Zealand cabin crew and a scrum of All Blacks.

Take a look - It's already had more than 500,000 views just on YouTube!

(...Then ask yourself: How can I show more personality in my business? How can I better brand my organisation as one people will want to do business with?)