Keep your customers coming back for more!

One of the most important things for any business is REPEAT business. This means not only looking after your existing clients, but staying in touch and making them feel valued ALL THE TIME.

Think about your perfect customer….You might imagine someone who uses one or more of your services consistently and splashes out every now and then on additional products or services.

They recommend you to their friends, acquaintances and work colleagues and rave about the service they receive. They show up for their appointments on time, tell you if they notice standards slipping or something wrong, and give feedback on what you do great, and what you might be able to do better.

To cultivate this relationship with ALL of your clients there are 3 simple steps.

1. Provide consistent, friendly and exceptional service across your entire businessIt doesn’t matter if you sell computer parts or run a hotel, service is everything! Not only does this make interaction with your business a pleasant experience, it also means that clients will feel confident recommending you to others…

For some businesses, this also means taking a hard look at their list of services, and making a decision on the added value of each one. If a product or service takes too long, costs too much or is too hard to get right every time, then it just isn’t worth the ‘bad press’.

And don't forget to also look at your website design and the quality of your marketing and design collateral - all these things contribute to the experience a customer has with your business!

2. Communicate with your clients. ALL of them, on a regular basisThis can be monthly, 6-weekly but never less than quarterly – they WILL forget you, no matter how good the service was. This will ensure they remember you and their appointments, but if you include special offers, highlight different services or upgrades you have available, or specialist info you could even bring them back sooner! Email marketing can be a great, and cost effective way to stay in touch.

It will make your customers feel like they are receiving extra value just for being a customer.

3. Incentivize the behaviour you would like to encourage
If you want feedback on how to improve your service, give 10% off their next purchase to everyone who completes your online survey or feedback form- (Please note: this is also an excellent way of getting testimonials, have a tick box at the end of each form or survey to say they are happy for you to use their comments and you have yourself some genuine advocates for your business!)

If you want to increase the number of products you sell on behalf of your suppliers, create a loyalty programme which gives them free product, or upgraded services once they buy a certain amount.

If you want your clients to tell their friends, make it easy for them, and then give them something in return i.e. (click here to send a 15% off e-voucher to someone in your life that could use our service, and we’ll send you one too!)


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