The Ten Second Rule

Companies all over the world pour time and money into search engine optimisation, in an effort to improve their ranking on Google and get more website visitors, but far too few pay attention to the most important element - turning those hard-earned website visitors into customers!

Research into the way people use the internet has shown that consumers take an average of ten seconds to decide if a website is worthy of their attention, and are unlikely to ever come back if their answer was no.

First impressions count Most people can only focus on one thing at a time so, don’t bombard them with too much at once, make sure there is a clear focal point to your site - so that they look at your most important infornation/your key selling-point first. This will hook them in; you can educate them about ALL your products/services and the  'back up' reasons to choose you once they have decided to stay on the website!

Call to Action
What one action do you want your website visitors to take from your home page?
Is that action as simple as it could be?
Is it 'front and centre' on your home page - bold and attention-grabbing?

Understand your target market – and target them!
Make sure the main message of your site/business is the main thing your customer is looking for.
Appeal to their emotions – What do they want/need from you? What really drives them? If you can't answer this question, you need to go back to basics and get a detailed understanding of what makes your target market tick.

Keep it interesting
You might have caught their attention, they may have browsed your site extensively, but if they come back again and nothing has changed, they’ll think you are ‘asleep at the wheel’ and have nothing else to offer them.
As well as being vital to encouraging customers back again and again, keeping your content fresh and interesting is also important to search engine rankings. Put simply, Google and other search engines like website that are regularly updated!

What's your Bounce Rate?To see how well your site draws customers in right now, have a look at the ‘bounce rate’ in your web statistics – this measures the number of visitors that spend less than 30 seconds on your site. There are no hard and fast rules, and it varies for different industries and site types, but as a general guide, if this number is higher than 50% you may need to take a good look at how well your site follows the rules above.

...and give us a shout if you need advice on how to make it work better for you!


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