What would YOU do? Capture their hearts and minds!

Everyone is in the business of either pain or pleasure.

An insurance salesman helps his client avoid pain, in the event of disaster whether it be a flooded bathroom or a life-threatening illness. Apple helps their customers by bringing pleasure – letting you take your music collection with you everywhere you go (as well as the added benefit of looking cool while you’re at it!).

Like it or not, our customers make their purchasing decisions based on their emotions – they will buy clothing they feel good in, instead of choosing the best quality or best value for money; they will choose a doctor they feel most comfortable talking to, rather than the most qualified (or even the closest to their home). 

Make sure your marketing messages appeal to the emotions of your target audience and you’re sure to have excellent marketing messages...make your customers feel good about choosing your product or service, whether that’s by making a decision or choice that protects their family, or appeals to their vanity by making them feel like they look great.

New Zealand lotteries have knocked it out of the park with their latest TV Commercial – who knew you could feel so many emotions in two and a half minutes...

“An epic tale of loyalty and betrayal and Lotto.
A man's best friend earns his reputation, only to find his loyalty unrequited in this big, two and a half minute production for the New Zealand Lotteries.”

It doesn’t matter if it makes your customers laugh or cry – make sure your message makes them buy!

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