Create a Home Page that Converts!

There are many small changes you can make to your website design - particularly to your Home Page - that can noticeably improve your website conversions.

Here are 5 proven tips to get you started:

1. Loud, Proud Call to Action
Don’t be shy to really visually ‘stand up and shout’ your call to action on your Home Page.
What do you want your visitor to do on your website? Book online now? Shop on your e-Store? Look at your prices and packages? Contact you for a no-obligation quote? Download your Catalogue? Subscribe to your e-news?

Whatever main action you want them to take, make it eye-catching and place it in a prominent spot.

The top left of a website is a great position – or indeed anywhere that is ‘above the scroll’ (above a 500 pixel depth is a good overall guideline). Don’t bury your call to action in long blocks of text, say it loud and proud!


We’ve all heard about the ‘What’s In It For Me’ (WIIFM) approach to writing marketing text, but take the time to review your Home Page text and ask yourself – is this really written in the best, most WIIFM way possible?

Website Visitors don’t want to hear about your features, they want to hear how those features can make their lives better! Think about the benefits of your product or service, not its attributes.

Now with this firmly in mind, re-write your home page text and watch your conversions improve.

3. Inspire Trust
If you want your visitors to take action, there must be trust.

You can develop trust on the Home Page in many ways, including adding symbols of the associations you are governed by or work with (such as your industry body), showcase a list of or some logos of other customers/clients who have chosen to do business with you, display (and regularly update) a few customer testimonials, include a ‘note from the owner’, etc.

5. KISS...
Keep your Home Page as simple and efficient as possible. While body copy is very important for Search Engine Optimisation, keep it as succinct as possible and break up long chunks of text into smaller sentences, sub-headings and bullet points to help your content be more easily digested.

A moving slideshow banner is one great way of showcasing a lot of imagery (which is important), without taking up loads of space on the Home Page with various images.

Remove any fluff that takes visitors off the path you want them to follow.


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