New from Google - Preview!

If you’ve got broadband, you may have noticed when Google added ‘Instant’ search results… What you may not have noticed is Google Preview, a little more low key but an equally powerful addition to the Google search engine powerhouse.

Now when customers are searching for you, or information related to your business, they won’t actually have to ‘visit’ your site to see it… As you can see from the picture below, a ‘pop-up’ with a screen shot of your site can be viewed on the search results page. At the moment this is only available on ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ (not paid/sponsored links) and isn’t available everywhere, but will be soon...

According to Google, Instant Preview will benefit users by allowing them to:
• Quickly compare results visually
• Pinpoint relevant content with text call outs related to the search query
• Interact with the results page previews before deciding to click through

By clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the title (see image above) on any of the displayed results you can see an instant preview of that site. Once a user has initiated the feature they can simply mouse over all other organic results to compare the visual previews.

I’m sure you’ve heard us say it before, but it’s now more important than ever that your website design is engaging to customers you want to find you through google- if your screen shot doesn’t look good, they may not even click through! Talk to us today about how our web design team can help make your site more effective.

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