Software. Some things to remember when choosing a solution!

  • Cost effective – if the price associated with using any software outweighs the benefits received by using it, it isn’t the right solution… Whatever you choose to use, should have a sound business case to support it. i.e. the increased level of service to the client increases likelihood of retention of said client and so the investment is justified.

  • Easy to use – not only does this future proof your system and significantly reduce training costs, it also eliminates the risks usually associated with staff turnover- none of the specialized knowledge leaves with them

  • Comprehensive - you wouldn’t by a whole new car if you just had a flat tyre and you couldn’t fix a broken window with sticky-tape! Your solution should meet your current needs completely, and have the ability to grow with your business and industry. It should NOT be so comprehensive that it becomes complicated and you don’t use half of its capabilities.

  • MUST improve your business in some way – if this is improving your systems or improving your relationship with the client or even the companies you deal with, any solution should be designed to help not hinder. It should streamline processes, be a central point of reference for all staff, and simplify administration In turn, this will reduce the time/energy cost of each client- decreasing your cost of sale, and increasing your ROI

  • Free doesn’t always mean free – Open source technology such as OpenOffice and Google Apps are changing the way many people do business. These technologies are great because there are no up-front costs, many of them are useful and when it’s free it’s hard to complain isn’t it! Yes. It IS hard to complain.

    The problems with open source software depend on which option you choose, but the biggest issue with opensource is that support is limited. Usually if you are using the free version of a software, the only support available is email, and this can take anywhere from 6 – 72 hours, and even then, may not solve your problem or even answer your questions.

    Also, beware of companies who do offer services to support these platforms, as they usually charge through the nose (because they can! Who else will help you!?). Be careful that the money you save doesn’t end up costing you a fortune! Remember, you have invested a lot in growing your business, think about what you are putting at risk if the ‘free’ system fails... Your client list? Your accounting records? Your intellectual property? Scary stuff!

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