The evolution of technology - is bigger really better?

It's fair to say Apple are the 'trendsetters' when it comes to what's cool in technology today, and when they develop a new product, we tend to take it as written that it's something we 'need'...

Can you really imagine carting round an iBoard with you? Sure, it's a really flat 17-inch telly, and thats pretty choice - but the practicalities of it? Not so sure.

Ok, ok, this isn't real. These photo's are actually a bit of a joke put together by some clever person with access to photoshop and a little too much time on their hands - but it highlights an interesting point... many of the people commenting on these photo's in various places around the web/globe were asking where they can pre-order the products from!

"Glad it's not going to be available until 2014 - I need time to buy an apartment that can fit my iMat - anyone know size spec's yet?" (Quote from an individual who didn't seem to get it).

Technology is developing at an alarming (and awesome) pace, but we should keep our heads in all this excitement and make sure the technology is something we want! It should help improve something, make life easier in some way - not just be the 'it' thing to purchase and have the sillouhette of a piece fruit on it.

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