A promise is a promise

Your brand is not your logo….your brand is NOT your logo. Seriously. Your brand is not your logo.

Your brand is the ‘everything’ of your business. From a great distance, who are you? Why do you exist? What unique value do you offer your customers? Your brand is about how you (and your employees) behave, what you believe in, what you promise and of course, how you keep that promise.

The promise is a key part of your brand as a whole – what can a customer expect from doing business with you EVERY time- because if you deliver on the promise, they WILL do business with you time and time again. Are you always on time? Always best value? (Not to be confused with ‘cheapest’), is it a money back guarantee that sets you apart or the best after-sale service?

People like what they know, and trust what is familiar – We’re all creatures of habit, which is why it’s so much cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one! It takes a lot of coaxing (and marketing dollars) to bring a new customer over the line, but if your nice enough to the customers you have, they’ll keep coming back because they know what to expect – even if your competitor is faster/cheaper/nicer/better (don’t be offended, I’m sure they’re not!).

The following is a recent blog from Seth’s Blog.Think about what it would be worth to your customers if they could believe your promise? Would they ever risk doing business with someone else?

The certainty premium

"How much would you pay for an envelope that had a 50% chance of containing $10 and a 50% chance of being empty?

Over time and in bulk, probably $4.99. But certainly not more than $5.

Here's where it gets interesting:
how much extra would you pay for a plane that was guaranteed to be always on time, or a surgery that was always guaranteed to work? Suddenly, the same math that helped us value the envelope doesn't work so well. That's because we're often willing to pay a significant premium to avoid risk.

"Works every time" is a great promise to make to your boss. And it's the secret to Fedex's original success. Plenty of people send things by Fedex that don't need to get there superfast. They just need to get there for sure.

Doesn't work if you have to slip in the word 'almost' though."

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