Reciprocal Link building can improve your ranking

There is no doubt that Search Engines are powerful referrers of visitors to a website, and if you’re not on Page 1 of the search results you’re virtually invisible to those researching online. In the tourism industry specifically, 80% of travelers research their journey online.

Google is the number one Search Engine on the internet. Yahoo is the second most used, but Yahoo Search actually utilises the Google engine! The other search engines such as MSN make up the rest of the traffic.

Google strongly prioritizes websites which a lot of other websites link to – it considers each one a ‘vote’ for the integrity of your site.

One action you can take at your end to really help your rankings is to get as many websites as possible to link to your new website. Make contact with your business colleagues and set up reciprocal links. (“I’ll link to you from my site if you link to mine from yours…”)

The most important thing to remember though is the anchor text - it isn't so much about who you link to as what the link actually says.

When setting up a link to your site from another, it's a very good idea to remember your keywords...
For example: If you are an accommodation provider, you should aim for a link like this (bold text is linked text):

Cromwell Holiday Park – excellent family accommodation in Cromwell

Instead of something like this: Cromwell Holiday Park- Click here to visit their website

When Google 'reads' the link, it will see that the keywords match up, and class it as a 'relevant' link, which is a great way to imporve your ranking!

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