10 basic tips for more LIKES on Facebook

It’s Monday, and we all need a little extra inspiration and help on Mondays!

So here are 10 fundamental questions to ask yourself, to increase your ‘likeability’ on Facebook…

Have you asked your staff, suppliers and partners to LIKE you yet? They should be easy!

If you have a physical location that customers visit, do you have something displayed there which promotes your Facebook Page? A small poster by your till, for example?

Have you emailed your customers to tell them about your Facebook Page, and asked them to LIKE you?
Have you offered an incentive or a reason for people to LIKE you? Perhaps a giveaway they can go in the draw to win, or the promise of exclusive Facebook-Fan Only deals, discounts or information in the future.

Do you ask lots of questions on your Page? Not only do you get valuable feedback and get to really engage with your fan base, you’re actually more likely to appear in your Fan’s newsfeeds (so their friends can see you, and LIKE you!).

Do you share lots of photos? Do you ask your Fans to share photos? Photos are proven to still be the most viral feature of Facebook.
Do you always respond to Fans’ questions, comments and enquiries?  If someone walked into your store, you wouldn’t treat them as if they were invisible – so never do it on Facebook. It could be as quick as typing “Thanks!” – just don’t ignore people!

Do you post on the weekends? It's likely that your audience is online more during the weekends, and there’s less competition for your message from other businesses.

Have you partnered with other businesses and organisations? If you find other business Pages that have synergies with you, you can work together to promote each other’s Facebook Pages so that everyone benefits.

Is your Website optimised for Facebook Interaction? Can visitors to your website clearly see that you are on Facebook, and LIKE you right from your website? Can they individually LIKE specific pages and products, and share them with their friends without even leaving your site?

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