Online Sales Channels: Is your channel trying to compete with you?

When you distribute your rooms to a channel, it is for them to advertise and market your property, not to effectively undercut you on your own advertising.

Here’s something we’ve noticed lately – and we wanted to bring your attention to it...
If you search Google for your business name, you may find a few of your channels being cheeky, actually advertising on Google under your name!
They are paying Google to be seen above you in Search Rankings!

We believe this is effectively “stealing” the booking away from your website, as they are competing directly against your own brand and your own Search Engine efforts.
We feel this is unfair.

However, there are ways to keep your channels honest:
Just contact the channel, and let them know that you are aware of and not happy with this practise.
Ask them to stop advertising against your own name, or you will have no other choice than to set your rate on their website to be 10 to 20% more expensive than on all other websites - including your own.

Best Price on your own Website
Remember – the price on your own website should always be at least as good as what you have available on your channel(s). And if you do a promo with one channel, ensure that this promo is also available on your own website.
Why? Because if it is, people will not only book direct with you (saving you on commission costs),
they’re also more likely just to go straight to your website first next time, saving you further in the future.
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