The rise of Social SEO - Google's new +1 button!

Google continues to improve searches - and change the game for businesses - with the introduction of Google +1

The +1 (Plus One) button is shorthand for "I like this, you should check it out" - and it will appear right next to search results on Google.

As a searcher, when you find a website you like, you can click on the +1 button to show your peers that it's got your 'stamp of approval'.
And when you are doing a search on Google, you'll also be able to see if any of your friends or other people on the internet have "Plus One'd" a website.

If Google +1 catches on (and with the power of Google behind it and this new era of the Facebook 'LIKE', there's every reason it will), it will be a very effective way to find the best websites - based on recommendations from other internet users like you.

What will +1 mean for you, as a business marketing themselves on the internet?
It means that now, more than ever, you need to make sure your website is exceptional.
User-friendly. Engaging. Better than your competitors.
Stocked with fresh, helpful content.
Packed with features that provide a valued function, or are even fun to use.
In short, worthy of being shared with a visitor's friends.

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