Is your Facebook Wall boring? Get a custom Facebook Page!

With the big corporates taking the lead, more and more companies are now creating a custom landing screen for their Facebook Page.

They give your Facebook Page a wow factor that puts you beyond your competitors; grabbing the viewer's attention and interest so much more than the standard Wall.

Not as expensive as you might think!Getting your own Facebook custom page is probably easier than you think - it needn't cost and arm and a leg to create something that boldly, attractively displays who you are and what makes you a great company to do business with. 

To get you inspired, we've found are a few cool custom Facebook pages that are all relatively simple!

Very simple (and easy to achieve) landing page for Subway New Zealand.

Watch YouTube videos of your favourite sports heros right on the All Blacks Facebook Page.
If you currently have video that promotes your business, you'll be glad to know that it really is not too tricky to add this to your main Facebook Page!

Another very simple, low-cost custom Facebook Page - with a cheeky sense of humour!

Along with a custom landing page, Buick (USA) has created a special new tab within their Page.
They've named the tab Showroom, and use it to present their current range of  vehicles. Imagine a tab like this within your Page, showcasing your top-selling products...

Like to Reveal
You can create a custom landing page that every viewer can see, or you can actually hide certain aspects from them - until they LIKE you! For example, you might offer 'VIP' discount deals to your Facebook Fans only, or create special content such as Videos, an interactive game or helpful resources (B2B) that only people who LIKE you can access.

McDonald's New Zealand offers special deals for their official Facebook Fans. You must LIKE to reveal!

Another example of the 'Like to Reveal' from Holden New Zealand...

A common technique employed: the content you'll be able to access is just visible 'underneath' the top content - teasing you to LIKE to reveal...

Want your own custom Facebook Page to start turning more lurkers into LIKERS?
Contact ReserveGroup, we create custom Facebook Pages!


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