Stop! Before you start that Facebook Giveaway...

Facebook has very recently updated its guidelines regarding running giveaways and special promotions.

So before you start that competition on your Facebook Page, or ask customers to simply 'LIKE' you to automatically go into the draw to win something, make sure you understand the rules... and the consequences if they're broken!

Your own user profile, and your Facebook Page(s) can actually be removed by Facebook if you fail to comply with these new rules.

Click here to read the new rules.

Here's a Summary of the most interesting points as we understand them:

  • You can communicate and administer a promotion/competition on your Page
  • You must (you have to) administer your competition with official Facebook Apps!
  • You can ask people to like your page (or check in to your place) before they are able to enter the promotion
  • BUT, you cannot automatically enter someone into the promotion JUST for 'Liking' you!
  • AND you cannot ask people to take a specific action on Facebook (using a Facebook feature) to enter your promotion - for example: write on your Page wall to enter the draw, comment on a Photo to enter, etc!
  • You cannot use Facebook to notify the winner that they have won (but after you have told them some other way, then you can announce the winner on your Page)

So...there you have it. Doesn't that throw the cat amongst the pigeons a bit!

Again, we recommend you take the time to read the full and official Facebook guidelines here.

You can most certainly still run a competition through your Facebook Page, or have a competition on your website or Twitter, for example, that you tell your Facebook fans about - but now, you have to work a little harder and smarter to achieve the same results.

...We'll share more info as soon as we have it!


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