The 1/9/90 rule of Social Media

Is a lack of response to your tweets or Facebook posts getting you down?
Then perhaps you have not heard of the 1/9/90 principle of Social Media!

The rule posits that on any online commmunity, some people actively participate more than others.

Infact, only 1% of users will actually create content (for example, pro-actively starting a conversation with you). This 1% are sometimes referred to as 'Power Users' or 'Creators'.

Another 9%, the 'Editors', will contribute by commenting on your posts, responding to questions you pose, re-tweeting your tweets, etc.

The remaining 90% will observe without participating. Nevertheless, though they don't communicate back to you, this silent majority are still reading your content, and still developing perceptions and feelings about your business and your brand. They may not be writing reviews about your business, for example, but they are still reading them!

The 90% audience (often called 'Lurkers') are every bit as important as the vocal minority - so don't discount them, and don't spend sleepless nights trying to turn them into active contributors!

The success of your Social Media efforts should be measured on metrics such as the growth of your online community, sales results and top-of-mind brand awareness - not how many people are actively participating in your social chatter!
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