Setting up a successful Facebook page

A Facebook page is vital for businesses that want to interact with their customers. If you’re wondering about whether to set up a group page or a fan page, a fan page is best as it allows you an unlimited number of likes. Groups and personal Facebook accounts are limited by Facebook’s 5,000 friends’ cap.

Setting up your page
Once at the business creation page you’ll need to upload a logo or photo that relates to your business, and include your website address at the bottom. It won’t be a hyperlink, but your fans will be able to see your website address if they want to visit it.

On the relevant info page, fill everything out completely – you’ll be able to add a click-able web address here. Also add your company overview, mission, and product information. Facebook will only ask for certain information, but you can get creative and add extra information, for example in the company overview box – add your website, newsletter sign-up form, other social media etc.

Use the FBML page to create a landing page
FBML is Facebook’s version of HTML. It can get a bit technical, so unless you’re pretty savvy with coding, you might need a bit of help with this part. FBML is what you need to render basic HTML in a box or tab on your page and you can also use it to customise your tabs. Have a Welcome tab, a products tab, news tab – anything you like. If done properly, your Facebook page can be like a mini website.

Grab attention with a colourful and branded landing page
Instead of your customers going straight to your wall, you can direct them to a customised welcome or sales page. Check out our earlier blog on custom Facebook pages for some inspiration or contact our team.

Telling people you’re on Facebook
Now you’re all set up, you want to tell people about your new Facebook page. Include links on your website, newsletters and send a communication to your customers to let them know about your new page. You could run a special promotion, or offer ‘Friends of Facebook’ specials to encourage them to ‘like’ your page.

Post Often
If you can, post something every day. Ask questions of your fan base, post a link to your latest blog, introduce new products – anything your followers might find interesting.

For more information about setting up a Facebook page call us on 07 541 1111 or email


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