The new Facebook timeline - are you ready?

As of March 31, Facebook will be switching all business pages to their new timeline format.
This change is available now, so if you’d like to switch over you can, but everyone will be changed at the end of the month, ready or not!

New landing page:  Your followers and potential fans will now be directed to a new-look landing page, dominated by a 850 x 315px cover photo:

There are some rules around what you can’t display on this cover photo, so the best thing to do is to pick an image that showcases your brand but don’t include:
  • Price or purchase information
  • Contact information such as web address, mailing address
  • References to any Facebook action (such as Like or Share
  • Calls to action

Profile picture: This will now be a small image which will sit at the bottom left of your cover photo. If you currently have a tall image, this could look distorted in the new format, so you may need to change this too.

Views and Apps:
This will replace the ‘tabs’ sidebar on the left of your current Facebook page.  You can have up to 12, and they will sit just below your cover photo. Two default settings are ‘photos’ and ‘likes’. Photos will always be first, but you can change the order of the others. The specs for these are 111 x 74px, so you may need to update these images also.

If you currently have a customised welcome page, this will now sit with the views and apps. Under the new format, the screen width will expand from the current 520px, to a larger 810px wide. This means there will be some extra white space around your welcome page design. If you’d like to get a redesign of this welcome page to fit the new Facebook specs, please talk to your Account Manager.  Another way to combat this problem of extra white space is to centre your welcome page. If we have designed this page for you, we will centre it for you for free. Please let us know when you plan to upgrade to the timeline, and we will schedule time in to do this.

Other things to note:
You can make content stand out by hovering over the star and clicking ‘highlight’ - this will expand your post to the full width of your timeline. Very effective if you have a landscape image you want to show off.

There is also now a private messaging function, which will allow you to communicate privately (away from the wall) with fans and users. This means that previously public conversations can now be done in private.

We are currently working on our own timeline design, but in the meantime you can view some great examples here. There will bound to be a few learning curves as you get used to using the new format, so get in touch with us if you’d like any advice, or if you'd like a fresh new cover photo for your Facebook timeline: or 07 541 1111.