Beware the featured listing

A recent Stuff article revealed that Facebook is testing ‘highlighted listings’ – much like the ones you can pay for on Trade Me to make your ad stand out. This new feature is only at beta phase at the moment – a NZ Facebook user stumbled across it last week, when a pop-up asked him if he would like to highlight his post for US $2.

Facebook has confirmed this is a feature they are testing to gauge people’s interest. A RéserveGroup staff member also saw the pop-up last week – but it offered to highlight her first post for free, and then asked for 80c to highlight the next listing.

If this becomes standard practice it would of course be rolled out to business pages. With the amount of content that goes through a typical Facebook news feed in a day,  we could soon be seeing more highlighted posts than anything else. Think Trade Me when you search on any main category – all of the yellow listings are ‘featured listings’ that people pay more for to make their item ‘stand out.’ The problem is, when everyone starts doing it, highlighted posts just get lost in the noise.


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