Thinking about Twitter? Check out our easy how-to guide

With over 100 million active users, there’s no doubt Twitter is one of the big players in social media. If you’re thinking of launching your business into the Twitter-sphere, or you’ve just started out, check out this blog on how to nail the Twitter basics.

Getting started
Setting up an account on Twitter is incredibly easy. Just go to type in your name, email address and password and that’s it!

Hot tip: In the ‘full name’ section think about what you want to appear here – this is the name your customers will see when you tweet. Your @username is the name people use to interact with you. Ideally you want to use your business name – or as close to it as possible. Avoid using numbers in your @username if you can – Google and other search rankings may see it as a spam account.

Add a bio about your company – it will have to be short though – the maximum character limit for this section is 160. Also add your web address so visitors to your page can visit your website straight from Twitter.

Making your Twitter account look fancy
To customise your Twitter account, create an image using your favourite editing software.
The specs are: 2048px in width, 1900 px in height and 72px resolution. Make sure your logo, and any other important info you want displayed shows up in the ‘safe zone’ on to the left of the Twitter feed. To upload your image, just click on the ‘Edit your profile’ button and then the ‘design’ menu. Scroll down and you’ll see an upload button – easy as!

Hot tip: If creating images isn’t your speciality, why not get a professional Twitter look? We can help with a customised image especially made for Twitter.

Making Tweets
To make a tweet just click on one of the two ‘compose a tweet’ boxes. Remember, Twitter limits you to 140 characters so keep it short and sweet!

Hot tip: You may want to have at least half a dozen tweets before you start following people – if they look at your Twitter account they are more likely to follow you if you’ve got some good content there rather than a blank page!

Hot tip: If you’re adding links (to your website, Facebook page etc) we recommend using a tracking tool like Bitly. It’s free to use and will automatically shorten your link for you. Best of all, it allows you to track how many people clicked on the link so you can track the success of your tweets. You can also use posting tools like Hootsuite, or évoSuite Announcements which will send your news – even documents - straight to Twitter for you.

Add an image
Keep your tweets interesting and varied by adding images. To add an image, just click on the little camera picture and upload your image.

Start building your Twitter profile
Now you’ve customised your Twitter account, and added some tweets, you’re ready to meet the world. Start by finding people to follow – customers, people in your industry, even your competition. Add a Twitter button to your website so your website visitors know they can find and follow you there. If you’re new to Twitter it will take you a little while to build up a fan base. Be patient – if you’re posting valuable, creative tweets that you know your customers will care about – they will start to follow!

Twitter etiquette
Follow those who follow you
It’s usually considered polite Twitter etiquette to follow those who follow you – especially your customers! (Unless it’s a spam account and they’re pretty easy to spot – they usually have a lot of numbers in their @username).

How often should I tweet?
The advice varies – some say as many as 20 times a day – but there’s no hard and fast rule. You don’t want to tweet every second – having their news feed clogged up with tweets from the same business will most likely frustrate a user and make them want to unfollow you. But tweets can disappear very quickly – research has shown your tweets will only last for about 2.8 hours so you'll need to tweet fairly often if you want to make your content visible to your followers. The Air New Zealand Fairy for example, tweets between 2 – 6 times per day.  

There’s a lot more to Twitter, hashatgs, retweets and more which we’ll follow up in the next few weeks. All the best for your Twitter journey!

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