Three simple ways to get more Facebook fans.

Does your Facebook timeline look like a barren desert? Is it devoid of nice images, cool content and – most importantly – fans?

If you’ve gone to the trouble of having a Facebook page and added a link from your website, shouldn’t you invest in a great-looking Facebook presence? It might be easier than you think with this simple 1, 2 3.

1. Make your Facebook page look awesome
2. Post good content
3. Keep at it

Make your Facebook page look awesome
Since the new ‘timeline’ look was rolled out in March of this year, posts don’t look the way they used to. A simple way to dress up your Facebook timeline is to have a good-quality cover picture, profile picture and nicely sized image and/or video content on your timeline.

TIP: While you can upload any image and Facebook will re-size it for you, there are optimal sized images that will make your timeline look even better: 
  • Your cover picture should be: 851 x 315 pixels.
  • Your profile picture should be: 160 x 160px (must be uploaded 180 x 180px)
  • For a standard ‘shared’ photo try re-sizing a good-quality image to 403 x 403.
  • For a ‘highlighted’ and ‘milestone’ photos re-size to: 843 x 403.
If you’re already posting lots of images, try using the highlight function to make the layout look a little different. Specs are 843 x 403 as mentioned above.

We recently re-vamped Beachside Holiday Park's Facebook page. Check out the before and after:



Post cool content
Have you done a stocktake of your Facebook audience? What sort of content interests them? Do you keep it fun, or is it all business? As mentioned, of all the types of content you can share, photos usually give the best results. Post nice ones, post them often and remember to caption them well. Try using the re-sizing proportions we mentioned above and you can transform your Facebook timeline page into a great-looking, interactive brochure!

TIP: (If you don't have image re-sizing software like PhotoShop try Pic Resize: It's free and simple to use).

Another interesting way to use photos is to post an image of your business from another era, and create a ‘milestone’ post. This introduces your fans to your business history and also makes for a rich, diverse Facebook presence.

Keep at it
Make yourself a Facebook schedule. Commit to posting something new and interesting at least once a week. Every time you post you create an opportunity to engage, inspire and capture more fans.

If you'd like to talk about social media marketing with us, or if your Facebook page could benefit from a re-vamp like the one above, contact our team today: +64 7 541 1111 or

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  1. Awesome tips! I love your post. I'd like to add a little. It can be very difficult to acquire Facebook fans, particularly for small businesses. Once you’ve asked all of your personal friends to ‘like’ your Page, encouraged them to get their friends to ‘like’ your Page, asked your regular customers to ‘like’ your Page, and tried running a Facebook promotion that is against their guidelines in hopes of stirring up some ‘likes’, your fan acquisition can plateau quickly. thanks!! ~ Anne

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